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Severe weather and unforeseen problems such as leakage caused by foot traffic on the roof cover natural disaster skylights solar or other types of heat/cool units are not covered by this certification. It does not apply to any patio covers or porches attached to the home only livable area. DATE BY TITLE Sample Roof 0 I /13/w Certification. SAMPLE ROOF CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATION MUST BE ON A LICENSED ROOFING CONTRACTOR S LETTERHEAD OR INVOICE AND MUST CONTAIN THE CONTRACTOR S NAME ADDRESS...
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Hello today we're going to do a roof inspection to take you guys along on the process should already always remember safety is first so before we get on the roof we're going to strap the ladder to the gutter using a bungee cord first thing we inspect is going to be the shingle thickness a type of underlayment used and whether or whether or not there's your pitch first we're going to test the shingle thickness with a pig engineering shingle gauge typically we don't want to go over the glue strip which is underneath the shingle here however the glue strip has been worn down and I could still get in to get a accurate reading on the shingle thickness this is a 30-year laminated shingle next we'll check for underlayment under the shingle it might be hard for you to see we have a 15 pound felt paper and OSB strand board for the decking there is no drip edge on this at integrity roofing and painting we like to see 10 hail hits per squared so what Ryan's doing here is he's measuring a 10 foot by 10 foot section of the roof and marking it out with chalk so that we can find a minimum of 10 Hill hits per squares before recommending filing an insurance claim each insurance company is different some require as little as 8 hits per square some require as much as 12 hits per square we know the procedure most insurance companies now that Ryan's barked out a 1 square section I'm going to go over and count the hail hits with the chalk on this roof it appears to have been damaged with at least corner size 1 inch in diameter hail if not bigger I'm going to start marking them off why don't you guys come on over here so you could take a look at what I'm circling as you can see the hail has hit the shingle knock the granules off and more than likely broken the back of the mat once the Sun begins to eat up the asphalt there in the hail hit it'll expose that hole in the back of the broken mat here's another section where there was two hail hits right next to each other tried only circle one hail hit perfect some of these shingles have multiple Hill hits in them but what I'd like to see is 10 hail hits on 10 different shingles within this square now this is the north-facing slope of the roof I stopped in 14 minutes this roof actually has in excess of that but this is more than enough to ward file an insurance claim we're gonna mark my findings now north 14 plus so let me give you a close-up of what some of these hail hits look like as you come in you'll see a jagged pattern not all hail is perfectly cylindrical it can be jagged oftentimes it's oblong in shape there's some better facts oftentimes when the hell heads it will only knock granules off of the perimeter and still leave some of the granules inside of that circle that's a textbook Haley another telltale sign that a houses roof has been damaged by hail is to look at the furnace gaps as you could see on this one it's been pretty battered this is the ridge cap of the roof as you can see it's been damaged by multiple...
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